October 26th, 2004

Jungleboy Transparent

Jury Duty

I get to spend today going back and forth to the Hall of Justice.

Summoned for Jury Duty.

Drive to the light rail. Arrive 8:15am, check in, sit and do a jigsaw for 2 hours. The voice on the PA then announces that there has been a delay and we're released until 1:30.

So Light rail back to the car. Drive down to work for a bit. Show the gang that pushing the "Start" button will enable the machine they say isn't working. Fix a cranky printer.

Now it's lunchtime (better food than at Civic Center; one incentive to actually come down to work). Post this, eat, then back to the car, back to the light rail and then back to the HOJ.

Where I will work on the jigsaw some more.

Until they dismiss us, or empanel us and send us to a courtroom. (Unless they don't sort it out, in which case it's back in the morning).

Where I will sit until one or the other attorney decides they don't want a scientist on the jury (which almost always happens).

Then I get to go back to work or home, depending on the time.

Ain't justice grand?


Sorry if this sounds cynical. The first time I was called I was really excited to be doing my civic duty. Then reality set in. They very rarely seatl engineers/scientists on juries. So I go all through the rigamarole just to be sent home. And as soon as my 12 months are up, I get called again (actually, it was 18 mos this time). To go through the whole process one more time.h