September 13th, 2004

Jungleboy Transparent

Getting ready for Emperor's new clothes...

(I'll post about Alameda Imperial tonight)

So -- I just placed an order for 6 yards of 32" long black chainette fringe, a giant (15"tall by 11" wide) sequined bodice applique, and 10 feet of rhinestone banding.

It should arrive by the time I return from Chicago's first ever Coronation. Then I get to muck out the studio and start sewing. Fast.

So mark your calendars, because October 8 is Emperor's New Clothes at King of Clubs where I'll do my one and only drag appearance during my year as Emperor.

That's right, Ms Debra Taunt will have another brief moment in the spotlight.


ooh! shiny things coming in the mail! My inner ferret is Poinging already
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