August 29th, 2004

Jungleboy Transparent

Gypsy Hijinks was wonderful!

I want to offer my sincere congratulations to
Viridian Crown Countess TamEva Eshlaina von Frankenstein
and the Lady Dulcamara for a truly beautiful event.

When we arrived, the hall had been transformed into an enchanting Gypsy forest encampment, complete with a warm and cheery campfire in the center (have no fear, they were faux flames).

They'd also thoughtfully invested in shiny gold Sacagewea dollar coins that guests could exchange for their folding money, enabling them to scatter coins at the feet of the entertainers as they brought their talents into the circle.

It was a magical evening, and a wonderful night of "dancing down the moon".

Oh, and the goulash was DELICIOUS!

TamEva and Dulcamara, I am so proud of and impressed by the work you did on this. It was obviously a labor of love, and all the guests had a wonderful time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!