August 18th, 2004

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Mr Belrose, It's a Crown!

Tonight I finished assembling my "real" Imperial Crown.

(It's based on the Crown of Amber I designed and made for TorCon last year. That one, although impressive on stage, is made of Lexan with glued acrylic stones on it and is starting to look a bit tatty when worn to Imperial events. Plus, when a certain past SF Emperor "pings" the spires, the whole thing quivers, to his great amusement. Just let him try that with this one!)

The new one is made from 7 segments, each from 1/8 inch thick aluminum. My friend B machined the basic shapes for me and put the curve into them.
I polished them over the weekend, mounted the stones on Monday and Tuesday, and assembled the segments tonight

image of new 'Sapphire and Steel' Crown

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All it needs now is the sweatband and it's done! (and in a pinch I could use a bandana... just kidding!)
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