July 29th, 2004

Jungleboy Transparent

Andy Said YES!

This happened at Westercon, July 4 weekend in Litchfield Park (near Phoenix)

For those of you who don't know, about twice a year since he moved out here, I've asked Andy if he wants to get hitched.

His answer has always been "Someday"

Saturday night after the masquerade, at the end of a "Sweets" party (a sweet wine tasting gathering), I went down on one knee and asked him again.

He said, as usual, "Someday".
I said --" uh-uh, no 'somedays'... Will you marry me?"

So he said "Yes" and the room broke into applause.

We're thinking of having a small privatish ceremony right before Baycon 2005 (Memorial Day weekend) so we can have a big party with all our friends there (where we are Fan Guests of Honor)



(Who's getting used to calling Andy "my fiance" now :-) )
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