June 13th, 2004

Jungleboy Transparent

Fifteen Minutes of Fame...

The King of Clubs Pride Kick-off was fun. We made some new friends, including "Bosco" of 104.9, who was impressed by the group and what we do.
We wrapped up the evening with the "Hawaiian Number" and got a good chunk of the audience up on stage doing cheesy hula with the rest of us.
A great start for our new "Second Fridays" format, where we mix the entertainment sets in with the DJ dancing.

Diamond John encouraged me to bring a number to do it in his set at the festival Saturday, so I brought my music along. Then it turned out that several of his regular performers couldn't be there, so I got to help him fill the entire 45 minute set with just two other people. I ended up doing 5 songs in all on the main Pride Stage (actually half of his show)!

Afterwards someone asked for my autograph -- that was a first, and always good for a singer's ego :-).

It turned out that I helped sell the winning ticket in the big Pride raffle, so we hung out with the winner, a cute guy from Chicago named Bill. We caught drumsticks from Pansy Division and got them autographed. That was cool, too, because my brother Swirly knows the band members and so I got a slightly different assortment of signatures than I would have otherwise...

Went to dinner and then we crashed. Hard. Time for bed so we could get up in time for the parade.

More later....
Jungleboy Transparent

Further adventures at Pride

Early Sunday morning:

Empress Rachael decided she wanted to walk in the Parade, so I rode in the convertible with Idalis. That was fun, but I've now satisfied my lifetime need to ride like a pageant queen. :-)
From now on it's on foot or on my motorcycle for me, unless I'm in a group that actually manages a float!

Festival was crowded, hot and fun. Danced a bit. Diamond John managed to get the reigning monarchs presented on stage to the crowd (thanks, John!). Had lunch in the VIP tent, a place so exclusive that it was almost completely empty all day. Food was good, though.

Then off to Renegades for the gathering. Crowd wandered in late, but we'd been warned they would. ICP Allen and I managed to raise $118 in drawing tickets for a couple of nudes, some movies and a Boynton hippo in a purple tutu! With the able skills of Madame Steele and Michael Healy, the hamburgers and hot dogs ran out completely, just as we were due to close. Oh -- and Ava managed to sell another entire box of chocolate.
I guess the boys were hungry after their day in the sun :-)

Went home and crashed again (big surprise).

A long and fruitful weekend for our court.

Scratchy throat -- time for bed