May 22nd, 2004

Jungleboy Transparent

Congratulations to the winners of our Mr/Ms Gay Pride contest last night !

Congratulations to Rick Oculto and Idalis Houston, our brand new Mr and Ms. Gay Pride South Bay!

A very special thank you to Ms Raena Diamonds, who gave Idalis a real run for her money. Ms Reina -- I hope we will be seeing more of you this year!

The show was spectacular; Rick was funny and cute handsome and dramatic, and Reina and Idalis pulled out all the stops in every category.

In the course of the evening, Rachael and I presented a check for $1000 to the Gay Pride Celebration Committee of San Jose, Inc.

We gave away 2 pair of VIP passes for the San Jose Gay Pride celebration; what's more, all the tickets that weren't drawn yet will be rolled into a later drawing for a Grand Prize San Jose Gay Pride VIP weekend package including backstage passes. A chance to meet Joan Jett, Lisah Lisah and Kate Clinton backstage!

IRLM court members and friends will be selling more Gay Pride Drawing tickets at events all over the South Bay during the course of the pre-pride season. At this point, the Grand Prize drawing is scheduled for Sunday, June 6 at A Tinker's Damn, according to George Gonzales.

That's it for now... gotta print up those tickets and get them over to King of Clubs for a Latino Night Gay Pride event tonight!
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