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Costume Work in Progress: Completed Sash for Liberacicus mk II

I love when a plan comes together.

I'd been given a couple yards of this machine-pleated blue tissue-lame (on a bonded backing that could be peeled off if so desired). While not a perfect color match to the blue glitter vinyl, it was close enough to use for the sash

The mk II sash -- it's machine-pleated tissue with a (removable) bonded backing, lined with the same black cotton as the kilt pieces.
Sash (lengthwise)
Sash (lengthwise)
Sash -- with Sooper Sekrit iPhone pocket!
Sash -- with Sooper Sekrit iPhone pocket!
(Since I'm using the iPhone camera, the Altoids tin is standing in for it)
Sash (on very tired costumer, hence the cropping)
Sash (on very tired costumer, hence the cropping)

Yup, you read it right -- I have a cell-phone pocket hidden in the sash.

All that is left now is the greaves. bovil persuaded me that the silly hat I had in mind would add nothing to the costume, and suggested I make a silver laurel wreath instead. That will actually work with either mk I or mk II. I will still probably make said silly hat, as it is a perfect PenWAG show-and-tell item. It just doesn't have to be part of this costume.
Tags: anticipation, costume, liberacicus mk ii, pompeii, volcano day
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