Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

Costume Work in Progress: Liberacicus mk II

Thursday and Friday I got the main pieces riveted together and the strapping prepared:

Tabs and waistband riveted together Tabs and waistband riveted together
The lined and punched tabs riveted onto the waistband.
Detail of the riveted parts Detail of the riveted parts
The waistband is not lined yet; that is the final step after riveting the fasteners on, so the back of all the rivets is inside the lining
Leather strapping for fasteners Leather strapping for fasteners
Very simply: light garment-weight leather folded lengthwise, glued with contact cement, rolled flat with a marble rolling pin. They'll be edge stitched and cut into pieces for use. (The fact that the narrower straps aren't perfectly straight isn't an issue; the pieces being used will be short enough that it will not be apparent.
detail of glued leather straps detail of glued leather straps

Tags: anticipation, costume, liberacicus mk ii, pompeii, volcano day

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