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I exercised this morning -- both my body and my franchise

This morning I was planning to skip my morning workout (given my 5-day a week gym habit, you need to understand that's not a casual decision) to get in line and vote first thing this morning instead. When I voted in the primary I did so in the evening, and my precinct had actually run out of ballots and had to improvise for me.

At the last moment, the little voices suggest I kit up for my workout, put on my neat sweats and pack my work clothes in the gym bag anyway, so if the wait wasn't horrific I could still do something at the gym. If it was long, I could just shower and change there and head to work.

I got to the polling place at 6:58 and there were 18 of us waiting. Two turned out to be at the wrong polling place (they needed to be at the church down the block and up the hill), but everyone one was patient, eager to vote, and almost everyone was carrying their sample ballot (hurrah!). The polls opened right on time and I was out at 7:20, so I managed to get some rowing and stretching in after all.

Get out there and vote. I won't claim I don't care how you vote (in particular, if you're in California I hope you'll vote No on 8), but I hope you'll take the time to consider the issues and exercise your franchise.
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