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9 Days and Counting!

OK, so we are almost to Coronation 2005: Cirque de San Jose!

This weekend Andy (bovil) and I travel to Long Beach for my last out-of-town walk as Reigning Emperor 34 of the Imperial Royal Lion Monarchy, Inc. of San Jose ( how's that for a mouthful?)

Then Everything kicks off Friday March 11 with the Out of Town Show and Bar Bus Run, and it doesn't stop until the Victory party at Splash on Sunday March 13.

The sets are going to be fabulous (Jeff Tucker took my basic ideas and RAN with them), the court production number likewise (thanks to Allen, Ava and the 34th Reign for picking that up).

And of course I have at least 3 costume changes ;-)

So come on down for the last big hoorah! Tickets to the ball (the BIG event) are 30 bucks, and we will have a light buffet served.

Tick-tock! Tick-Tock!

In 10 days I get to take a nap.

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