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W00t! Glasgow here we come

OK, a break from Imperial doings:

Coolness Number one: I bought our tickets for Glasgow (Interaction, the 2005 Worldcon) yesterday.

American Airlines is running a web-only special right now: $2200 apiece. That flies us FIRST CLASS from San Jose to Chicago, and then Business Class from Chicago direct to Glasgow. Plus the return.

For reference, coach fares on the same itinerary are all about $1100 apiece regardless of airline. I decided that paying twice that to actually be COMFORTABLE on the frigging flight was a gift I was willing to give my honey bovil and myself.

Coolness Number Two: I got word from Interaction today that they could move us to the Hilton, the party hotel. They can do this because they have approved our request for a party space for Friday at Interaction. The loeg is going to put on a party in Glasgow!

W00t W00t!

(we now return you to your normal Imperial broadcast. ONLY 12 MORE DAYS until CORONATION 2005: Cirque de San Jose

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