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Special llive appearance tonight! One Night Only!

Got your attention, huh? :-)

Tonight is the "Meet and Greet" kickoff party for the annual Alameda County Leather Corps title contest weekend.

They've asked me to be part of the entertainment lineup, so if you find bar Leather events entertaining and want to hear me belt out a lounge number (or two, or three, or ???; I don't know the exact lineup yet), head on down to The World Famous Turf Club in Hayward tonight!

22519 Main Street
Hayward, CA 94541

BBQ from 6-7:30, show from 7:30 to 10PM.

The Contest itself is being held the next evening at the Hill and Valley Club in Hayward; details are on the ACLC site. bovil and I have another engagement on Saturday, so I'm really pleased I can help them out tonight.

Addendum: tonight's performance will also feature the debut of the new Shiny Pants I bought this month (from the same folks who sold me my Original Shiny Pants)
Tags: events, leather, lounge music

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