Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

Orbital Rendesvous Accomplished -- What a lovely party!

Last night was my E&E BALL at the Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center.

I got to mix two of my favorite things last night, and raise money for charity while I did it!

The theme was Shaken Not Stirred: Cruisin' at the RetroRocket Cabaret

Andy (bovil) and I hauled one car load of decorations and things over in the afternoon and met ICP Allen, Crown Prince Marko (markobellydance) and Grand Duchess Madame Steele to set up the sound and decorations in the grand ballroom. Madame Steele and I did a run in her van to stop at my warehouse space to pick up decorations and back to our house to get the rest of the decorations and refreshments. By 5:30 they'd capably transformed the ballroom into our own little nightclub. At 6:30 Board Treasurer Jeff delivered the rest of the bar.

We had a small crowd (only 21 people) but managed to raise $567!

I took the opportunity at the start of the show to perform the happy task of elevating Mistress of Dreams Sara Dreaming to the title of Ultraviolet Crown Countess

Thanks to Emperor 26 of Alameda Ellis A. St James, Madame Steele, Ultraviolet Crown Countess Sara and Aubergine Crown Countess Lisa, Crown Princes Royal Ms Gay South Bay Idalis Houston, and Viridian Crown Countess TamEva Eshlaina von Frankenstein for some wonderful entertainment.
We had some food, drank some cocktails, had a show, did some dancing and finished up around midnight.

It was a lovely party!


(Next weekend we are entertaining at the Black and Blue Ball on Friday at King of Clubs in Mountain View, have on Saturday our Fifties Sockhop and Sweethearts Ball at Dar's Hideway in Cupertino, and wrap things up Tuesday the 15th with Ultimate Wine and Cheese for Charity.
All leading up to Coronation 2005 Weekend

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