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My Preliminary Baycon Schedule

  • 5/23/2008 14:30 Hall Costumes - How To

  • 5/23/2008 17:30 Masquerade 101

  • 5/24/2008 13:00 EZ Costuming Kids

  • 5/25/2008 14:30 Wardrobe Malfunctions

It's going to make prepping the final LoEG party tight, but we're going for fewer decorations (since we don't know the hotel) plus the posters.
The EZ Costuming for Kids is a hands-on-make-silly-things class.
Tags: baycon, conventions, costume-con, league of evil geniuse

  • Tonka 30 April 2014 (afternoon)

    Ah, the best laid schemes... We dined betwixt earth and sky enfolded by clouds. No overlord's view informs the next sandbox city plan.

  • Tonka 30 April 2014 (morning)

    Less rain this morning, so I pore over our maps plotting our sortie into the blustery day with grand engineering plans.

  • Tonka 29 April 2014

    Rain pelts my city and the towering spires melt into island mounds. Tomorrow I shall simply launch my fleet of motorboats! Tonka Marine Hauler

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