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Tomorrow -- bovil and I do a "Trunk Show" for Penwag

If you enjoy wearable art, costuming, or other fiber arts, the Peninsula Wearable Arts Guild (PenWAG) is a really cool bunch of people. bovil and I joined last January (2007).

In place of a hands-on workshop for this months meeting (tomorrow, January 12), they've asked us to do a "trunk show" retrospective of our costumes.

We have decided that some pieces (among them the Hall Costume... gads I was skinny!) are going to be a mite unwieldy to get out of the warehouse and to the meeting on a rainy day, so we'll do some pieces via digital projector.

We know, however, that one motivation is the desire to do the "costumer's handshake" on a bunch of our pieces, so the Forester will be packed to the gills tomorrow morning.

If you're interested in seeing it, the trunk show is in the afternoon and there is a fee of $10. (Gads again! they're paying us to do show-and-tell!)

Details and driving directions are available at the PenWAG website
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