Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

Costume-Con 26 Email difficulties...

We've discovered that apparently a number of service providers are not delivering email addressed to or from ".info" domains, and Costume-Con 26 is using
Unfortunately, they aren't even generating bounce messages, so we only realized this when several pieces of expected correspondence about the Future Fashion Folio never materialized.
It seems to be a very stealthy whitelisting requirement, and they don't make it easy for folks to put on their whitelists.

Fortunately, we own as well as

This means I'll probably be migrating the CC26 email system over to in the course of the next several days. The addresses will forward to the addresses.

The website will stay at for the moment, as I don't wish risk breaking the site.

A general announcement will go to registered members and be posted on the site when the change goes live.

You can repost or forward this information as appropriate.

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