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Westercon 60: Gnomeward Bound Masquerade Results

The Westercon 60: Gnomeward Bound Masquerade was held last night, July 1, 2007, at the San Mateo Marriott.

We had a total of 10 entries (total convention membership approximately 800). Everything started on time and we finished announcing awards at 8:40 after a rip-roaring presentation of "Sci-Fi Says You" organized by Chris Garcia. Toastmaster Jay Lake did an impeccable job as master of ceremonies.
Workmanship Judges: Kate Morgenstern and Mette Hedin; clerk Bruce MacDermott
Presentation Judges: Trystan L. Bass, Theresa Mather and Brian Little, clerk Chris Bertani

Thanks to Stuffe and Nonsense for the art doll "Mouton Rouge", presented to the Best in Show winners, and to Margaret Mannat for the sequined masks presented to the Young Fan award winners.
Plus a HUGE Thank You to the gang who organized our green room and house, and the spot-on technical support from the Tech Crew.

Kevin Roche and Andy Trembley
Westercon 60 Masquerade directors

Westercon 60 Masquerade Entries

Entry Number 1 ( Young Fan )
The Princess Knight and The Littlest Princess
Presented by Katharine Hartlove and Abigail Hartlove
Created by Jay, Denisen & Katherine Hartlove

Entry Number 2 ( Young Fan )
Sythos - Dark Lord of the Sith
Presented by Grant Brown
Created by Grant Brown

Entry Number 3 ( Novice )
Presented by Elonda Castro
Created by Elonda Castro

Entry Number 4 ( Master )
Special Delivery
Presented by Thomas and Arabella Benson
Created by Arabella Benson

Entry Number 5 ( Exhibition )
Presented by Kelly Buehler
Created by Kevin Roche

Entry Number 6 ( Novice )
Delvian Priest
Presented by Jo Rhett
Created by Jo Rhett

Entry Number 7 ( Novice )
"Gnome-Ads" of the Eastern Desert
Presented by Kay Tracy
Created by Kay Tracy

Entry Number 8 ( Master )
Beauty & the Beast
Presented by Phil & Kathe Gust
Created by Costumes: Kathe Gust / Beast Head: Don Post

Entry Number 9 ( Exhibition )
Hunter of Rogue Gnomes
Presented by Steven Frankel
Created by Steven & Valerie Frankel

Entry Number 10 ( Exhibition )
Ozma of Oz
Presented by Valerie Frankel
Created by Valerie Frankel

(Because there were only 5 adult entries in competition, the judges decided to present awards irrespective of the normal skill divisions, and instead simply present awards split into Young Fan and Adult)

Workmanship Awards

Young Fan

The Stronger Smarter Faster Award
Entry 1 : The Princess Knight and The Littlest Princess
Jay, Denisen & Katherine Hartlove


The "Dipped Wick" Award for Excellence in Detail
Entry 4 : Special Delivery
Thomas and Arabella Benson

Excellence in Working with Difficult Materials
Entry 8 : Beauty & the Beast
Kathe Gust

Excellence in Interpretation of Theme - Hitting the Gnome on the Head
Entry 7 : "Gnome-Ads" of the Eastern Desert
Kay Tracy

"Blue to Type" Award for Excellence in makeup
Entry 6 : Delvian Priest
Jo Rhett

Presentation Awards

Young Fan

"The Force is Strong in This One" Award
Entry 2 : Sythos - Dark Lord of the Sith
Grant Brown

Award for Grace and Stage Presence
Entry 1 : The Princess Knight and The Littlest Princess
Katharine Hartlove and Abigail Hartlove


Special Recognition for Makeup and Characterization
Entry 6 : Delvian Priest
Jo Rhett

Best Recreation for Garments
Entry 1 : Beauty & the Beast
Phil & Kathe Gust

Best in show
Entry 4 : Special Delivery
Thomas and Arabella Benson

Photos should be available at the WyldFire Studios website in the near future.

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