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Happiness is a warm geek toy

you may have read bovil's entries about his adventures with the used Stylistic 3500 tablet PC he bought on eBay.

Saturday we met with the woman who had advertised a more expensive unit on Craigslist.

I succumbed.

And am now the happy owner of a Fujitsu Stylistic 5010D slate (tablet) PC. It's very shiny, and, amazingly, can even read my longhand fairly accurately!

Fujitsu Stylistic ST5010D (promo shot, but just like the one I bought) Fujitsu Stylistic ST5010D (promo shot, but just like the one I bought)

Mine didn't come with this keyboard, but bovil has one for his Stylistic 3500 that works with the ST5010D

1GHz Pentium M processor, 36OMHz bus, half a gig of RAM, dock with CD-ROM, built-in A/B/G wireless, running XP Tablet PC edition. Andy tells me that the IR keyboard for his 3500 works just fine with it, too!

I've got spare digitizing pens and an IFrogz screen protector on order for it already. (Next thing to do is install CorelDraw to try my favorite drawing software with digital ink)
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