Kevin Roche (kproche) wrote,
Kevin Roche

League of Evil Genius Salon at The Eighteenth Amendment of Gallifrey One

We have received confirmation that we will be able to have our League of Evil Geniuses Hall of Fame Reception in the same lovely suite as last year, just down the hall from the convention Hospitality Suite.

Please stop by Friday night to see the gallery (we are up to 110 villains, if we can manage to hang all 110 portraits before we open,otherwise we shall hang a selection including the latest inductees), sip some champagne* and taste some evil snacks**. There will be signs indicating the exact room number and time we open.

We normally don't close*** until the bubbly and/or conversation**** run out, so you can visit the pub, stop by the party, go to the video room, stop by again, or whatever schedule suits your fancy.

Evil Undermind

* Remember, drinking age in California is 21. The LoEG won't serve champagne to underage visitors, because otherwise we can't have a party.

** Note EVIL snacks. Beware the wasabi peas; they only look like pistachios in bar light. Rumors that Mr. Finch and Mrs. Wormwood are helping to cater the reception may be only rumors.

*** We may be asked to close the door later in the evening out of courtesy to other hotel guests. If the flaming martini glass is on the door, we are still welcoming visitors.

**** The League is helping promote Costume-Con 26 with this reception. Ask the hosts for the secret password that can save you $$$ on a CC26membership!

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