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GLAAD Media Awards 2007 -- April 28th, 2008 at the Westin St Francis in San Francisco...

This year the GLAAD Media Awards in SF are on April 28th, well away from SJ Pride.

Andy and I have decided to host a table this year, something we regretted being unable to do last year.

However, we're doing it differently this year, because tickets are up to $300/person and we can't affort to pre-buy an entire table.

(Yes, it's expensive. However, it includes the cocktail reception, auction, dinner, and show. And the bar is hosted by Absolut)

We've bought our tickets. If you want to join us, go to the above site, click on "Buy Tickets" and you can select our table.

If you would like to attend the VIP party afterwards, that costs another $100. We opted to not buy a VIP table because as hosts we get to attend the party and we thought the extra cost might shut some of our friends out.

To get the VIP ticket, call the phone number for Stamp Event management and explain you'd like a VIP ticket buy want to sit at our table. They told me that can be accommodated.

Post a comment here if you are thinking about joining us. We've pledged to bring in at least 3 people besides ourselves, so I'd like some hope that will actually happen.
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