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Adventures of an Urban Jungleboy
formerly Emperor Kevin's Maunderings
31st-Jul-2017 05:42 pm - My Worldcon 75 schedule
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 (*Asterisks indicate items I'm actually on)

Wednesday Aug 9, 2017

3:00PM Opening Ceremonies   1 hour,  3:00 PM -  4:00 PM | 
Messukeskus, 101a&b
Johanna Sinisalo | John-Henri Holmberg | Nalo Hopkinson | Walter Jon Williams | Claire Wendling | Karen Lord | Ian Stewart

Thursday Aug 10, 2017

*1:00PM Fannish Inquisition   2 hours,  1:00 PM -  3:00 PM | 
Messukeskus, 208Panel 

5:00PM It's in the Bag: One Suitcase, All the Costumes   1 hour,  5:00 PM -  6:00 PM | 
Messukeskus, 216
Mary Robinette Kowal | Sandy

Friday Aug 11, 2017

*10:00AM What to Expect as a Masquerade Participant   1 hour, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM | 
Messukeskus, 216
Kevin Roche (Chair, Worldcon 76 in San Jose) | Miki | Janine Wardale | Julie Zetterberg

*1:00PM  Really Weird Science: An Introduction to Quantum Computing   1 hour,  1:00 PM -  2:00 PM | 
Messukeskus, 101c
Kevin Roche (Chair, Worldcon 76 in San Jose)

*4:00PM Creating An Inclusive Cosplay Environment   1 hour,  4:00 PM -  5:00 PM | 
Messukeskus, 205
Sanna Bo Claumarch | Kevin Roche (Chair, Worldcon 76 in San Jose) | Janine Wardale | Mrs Philippa Chapman (Nursing Home)

Saturday Aug 12, 2017

*7:30PM Masquerade   3 hours,  7:30 PM - 10:30 PM | 
Messukeskus, Hall 1
Karen Lord | Ada Palmer | Lauren Schiller | Michael Mellas

Sunday Aug 13, 2017

*5:00PM Closing Ceremonies   1 hour,  5:00 PM -  6:00 PM | 
Messukeskus, 101a&b
Johanna Sinisalo | John-Henri Holmberg | Claire Wendling | Nalo Hopkinson | Walter Jon Williams | Ian Stewart | Karen Lord | Kjell Lindgren (NASA)

14th-Mar-2016 01:26 pm - Eastercon is coming up...
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And bovil and I will be there, representing the San Jose in 2018 Worldcon bid!

We're on the lookout for non-North American residents who might be interested in representing the bid in European locales, because this is a great opportunity to hand off some promotional material rather than schlep it both ways internationally. If that sounds like something you might like to help do, comment here or drop me a line at kevin.roche@sjin2018.org
29th-Feb-2016 12:41 pm - Robots! In Livermore?
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Saturday I preesented "The Accidental Roboticist" at the Livermore Public Library as the final talk in the Livermore Reads Together program for 2016.

Between 80 and 100 people attended, at least 1/3 of them children. My talk was short, 15 slides in about 35 minutes (or so, I took questions as we went along) and then time for people to come up and play with ThinBot, Arthur-9 and some of my neoPixel projects. (ThinBot was filled with water only, before you ask).

Thanks to bovil who shepherded people through the ThinBot navigation while I bounced between the youngsters driving Arthur-9 with my phone and people who had questions about Arduino, wearable electronics, and various and sundry other topics. Thanks, too, to Diane O. who helped encourage the shyer kids (or parents) to have a go with A-9.

We arrived at about 12:20, the talk started at 2pm, and we were done and loaded to head home at 5pm. Andy's Photos are up on our robotics team page, Drinks Advanced Research Project Agency.
It was a long but rewarding afternoon, and I urge folks to support Friends of the Livermore Libary, who sponsor the Livermore Reads Together program.

Also, if you live in Livermore or have friends who do, they have assorted robots you can check out for a month at a time to learn to program!
Jungleboy Transparent
This morning San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (SFSFC) announced that should the San Jose in 2018 bid for the 76th World Science Fiction Convention succeed, I will be the convention chair.

You can read the complete press release on the SFSFC website.

I'm thrilled, honored, and (appropriately) mildly terrified to have been appointed.

There have been lots of congratulatory notes and (more importantly!) offers of help flying in already, which is quite gratifying.

To avoid the curse of social media scrolling your offer away, if you want to reach me at my "official" address, it's kevin.roche@sjin2018.org.
16th-Apr-2015 02:45 pm - Fifteen more minutes
Jungleboy Transparent
I'm featured on the IBM Research blog today.


And, because someone asked, the no-stripes hair in one photo is from just before Costume College 2007 so I'd bleached it preparatory to doing Vanamonde from Girl Genius.
26th-Feb-2015 12:40 pm - Terror in the making
Jungleboy Transparent
Tomorrow I'm honored to be a panelist on Talking to the Future, an all-day event at the Computer History Museum.

We'll be talking to 100 high school students about what got us started in technology and science, putting on our own little maker fair for the kids (and yes, ThinBot will be represented, somehow*) and then each of us doing breakout sessions with 20 of the students.

Apparently my mohawk gave their art department some difficulties when posterizing my headshot.

So it (the mohawk) will obviously have to be up in one form or another tomorrow.

Spoilers...Collapse )
11th-Feb-2015 10:41 am - 2014 Hugo Nominations: Eligible Works
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It is Hugo nomination season again, and while my fanzine YIPE was still on hiatus last year and hence is not eligible, I did write for another zine which is eminently eligible.

The Virtual Costumer, the quarterly online zine of the Silicon Web Costumers' Guild, has been in publication since 2003.
As the current SiWeb CG President, I have a regular column in the VC. I'm also a not-infrequent contributor of more substantive articles.

The Virtual Costumer is ably edited by Phil and Kathe Gust, and their hard work and eminently good taste are evident throughout.

17th-Oct-2014 11:57 am - External Validation
Jungleboy Transparent
Just got word that my Power Suit won the award in Full Ensemble for Most Innovative Design in the PIQF Wearable Art Competition.

(PIQF a is the Pacific International Quilt Festival. This was a juried and judged competition -- juried to have a piece accepted, then judged on site)
5th-Oct-2014 05:17 pm - race results -- yay!
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I did finish the 10k, and in 58:39, which met my goal of completing in under an hour.!

And yes, the medal has a beer bottle opener built in.
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